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MSCI implements an exacting set of criteria for the design, material sourcing, manufacture and delivery phases of all our products, ensuring they pass all tests for space applications.

MSCIís Product Assurance (PA) plan ensures every aspect of a project meets with the highest quality controls, with the ability to tailor options to meet each clientís specific needs.

Below represents a high-level sampling of our PA items.

  • MSCIís Reliability Engineers perform reliability predictions, analyses and calculations during all design activities.

  • MSCIís Safety Assurance Program establishes a comprehensive set of methods and controls throughout each phase of the project, minimizing or eliminating hazards to personnel, flight hardware and facilities.

  • MSCIís Parts and Procurement Specifications Programs draw from our inventory of knowledge regarding the performance of specific parts in space, enabling MSCI to select and control electronic, electrical and electromechanical parts.

  • MSCIís Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis help to identify potential failures, and to classify them according to the severity of consequences, enabling MSCI to provide recommendations for remediation.

  • MSCIís Quality Records document verification, inspection and test activities results Ė with a system for tracking the history of product assembly, components, parts and materials Ė provide accountability.

  • MSCI's Process and Cleanliness Controls ensure that articles and materials to be fabricated, processed, inspected or tested are treated in temperature, humidity, ESD, or contamination-controlled environments.

  • MSCI will use trained or certified personnel to perform and inspect Manufacturing Operations and Mandatory Inspection Points, providing adequate instructions for directing the manufacturing, assembly and integration operations and inspections.

  • MSCIís Final Acceptance Test ensures that test operations are performed in compliance with plans and procedures, with proper recording of all deviations. MSCI determines corrective action to prevent failure recurrence and to maintain product reliability.

  • MSCI provides engineering drawings for Protection, Packing, Marking and Shipment, ensuring proper preservation, packaging, handling, storage, and shipping of articles and materials.

  • MSCI has the capability to perform full space grade product assessment programs and its a certified preferred supplier for these programs

MSCIís as-required options include:

  • Audits and Corrective Action Design Assurances reviews
  • Manufacturing Readiness review
  • Test Readiness review
  • Pre-Shipment/Acceptance review
  • Source Surveillance, Inspection and Survey
  • Traceability and Incoming Inspection and Records
  • Equipment Certification, Standards and Calibration

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