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MSCI’s state-of-the art facilities enable us to ensure that requirements for articles and materials to be fabricated, processed, inspected or tested meet requirements for a temperature, humidity, electrostatic discharge (ESD), or contamination controlled environment in accordance with documented procedures and proper implementation. Assembly and test areas are controlled and maintained to cleanliness levels as required.

MSCI is equipped with the following:

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe workstations that include:

  • ESD floor mat
  • ESD table mat
  • Wrist straps with constant monitoring
  • Humidity monitoring

Laminar Flow Workbenches:

  • ISO Class 3 air cleanliness within work zone as per ISO 14644.1 (equivalent to Class 1 as per US Federal Standard 209)
  • Air Ionization Bar
  • Certification testing, including integrity test, air velocities, particle counts and site installation test

Clean Room:

  • Class 100,000 Controlled Areas in accordance with FED-STD-209
  • Particle Count
  • Temperature Control (18° – 30°C ± 5°C)
  • Air ionization
  • Facility Maintenance Program
Clean Room

Clean Room

The MOST microsatellite's outstanding flight heritage — remaining in orbit four years longer than expected and still going strong — has surpassed all expectations without indication of deterioration. MOST’s longevity has resulted in a prodigious amount of research
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We are proud of our outstanding flight heritage that continues to exceed all expectations. It is a testament to the quality of the minds at MSCI and to the excellence of their creations.
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