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MSCI Wins Supplier Contract for Undisclosed Constellation

Mississauga Ontario – October 6, 2010 – Microsat Systems Canada Inc. (MSCI) (formerly the Space Division of Dynacon Inc.), Canada’s designer and builder of the Multi Mission Microsatellite Bus technology, and innovator of Reaction Wheel attitude control system products, announced today that the company has won a competitive bid to supply MW 200 Reaction Wheels for a new microsatellite constellation. For commercial confidentiality the constellation name and mission has not been disclosed.

Over the last number of years, MSCI has supplied MW 200 and MW 1000 Reaction Wheels to numerous North American and international microsatellite/small satellite builders for scientific and operational missions. This is MSCI’s first contract however for a commercial constellation.

“This contract represents a real milestone for MSCI,” stated David R. Cooper, President and CEO, MSCI. “Since MSCI purchased the space division from Dynacon Inc., we have sought to expand our customer base both in Reaction Wheels and Microsatellites to the commercial sector. Our extensive experience in producing reaction wheels for defense and space agency organizations globally has enabled MSCI to meet the demanding cost and scheduling requirements of high-volume commercial customers.”

“We look forward to the growth that this brings to MSCI and to helping our Customer achieve success in their constellation.”

About MSCI
MSCI is Canada’s leader in the design, development and delivery of cost-effective microsatellites, and the developer of Canada’s Multi Mission Microsatellite Bus technology (MMMB), capable of hosting a wide variety of remote sensing, communications, scientific and military payloads. MSCI also has proven capabilities in systems engineering analysis, the development of sophisticated, cost-effective Reaction Wheel attitude control systems solutions and their implementation into flight hardware and software.

Formerly the Space Division of Dynacon Inc., MSCI has been the premiere builder of microsatellites in Canada for over a decade. MSCI provides military and civil space agencies, as well as commercial markets, with space technology that enables space exploration and surveillance of Earth from space and other services for commercial applications. Additional information about MSCI can be found at

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