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Rate Measurement Unit


MSCIís Rate Measurement Unit (RMU) is a sensor that measures the rotational rate at which a satellite is turning.


MSCIís Rate Measurement Unit is a very cost-effective, three-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) that approaches the accuracy of a fibre-optic gyro (FOG), providing precision without the expense of purchasing a FOG.


The RMU can detect the spacecraft body rate for the purpose of detecting a rate anomaly. A single unit provides a rate measurement about 3 orthogonal axes. The sensor provides a linear measurement for an input rate of up to +/- 450 degrees per second with no in-flight calibration required.


  • Size: 125 x 132 x 92 mm
  • Mass: 1.4 kg
  • Data interfaces available:
    • 3-axis analog rate telemetry
    • analog temperature telemetry
    • built-in self-test function
  • Linear measurement for an input rate of up to +/- 450 degrees per second
  • Rate measurement bias after switch-on transient at EOL < 0.06 deg/sec
  • Switch-on bias < 0.06 deg/sec
  • 72-hour bias stability < 0.06 deg/sec
  • Scale factor linearity < 2%
  • Measurement noise < 0.02 deg/sec/rtHz
  • Power consumption:
    • startup < 12 W
    • normal operation < 8.5W

For more information, download the Rate Measurement Unit Brochure


MSCIís Quality Assurance system ensures that appropriate quality requirements are established and achieved throughout the design, procurement, fabrication, and assembly, inspection, testing, packing, and storing phases of the program. Implementation of the quality requirements ensures prompt detection of deficient or marginal quality and effective corrective action. Please click here to see more details on MSCIís Quality Control and Product Assurance.


Workmanship standards are employed throughout all phases of manufacturing, assembly and integration to control the quality of the operation. Standards identify specific acceptance/rejection criteria and are maintained to meet current requirements. Samples or visual aids required to verify acceptable workmanship are subject to review by QA. Please click here to see a list of the workmanship standards that are used at MSCI.

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Rate Measurement unit

MSCIís Rate Measurement Unit is slated to launch on the Aeolus Mission in 2009, and will be instrumental for precision attitude control during safe-hold mode.
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