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MSCI provides customizable Attitude Control System (ACS) simulators that enable customers to test all aspects of the spacecraft's ACS and sensors - including MSCI MicroWheels, sub systems, dynamic engines and star-tracker simulations Ė for the purpose of evaluating spacecraft performance prior to launch.

Based on proposed mission inputs, our simulator can provide information about sensor and actuator performance and predict pointing-accuracy capabilities, enabling MSCI to suggest the most appropriate sensors and actuators for the proposed mission.

MSCI's spacecraft simulator runs in a Matlab Simulink environment, providing a flexible computing environment easily tailored to meet our customersí needs.


MSCIís ability to input each customerís specific requirements during a simulation enables us to eliminate extraneous inputs that add time and expense to program development. The results indicate the appropriate and necessary requirements for the satellite, thus preventing the purchase of unnecessary sensors and/or actuators.


In addition to simulating the coupled, multi-body dynamics of spacecraft and reaction-wheel rotations, the MSCI spacecraft simulator simulates the following orbital and attitude disturbances:

  • Atmospheric drag
  • Gravity gradient
  • Solar pressure
  • Magnetic moment

If necessary, MSCI can incorporate other disturbances upon customer request. Like to know more? Please contact us at

MSCI has used its high-performance spacecraft simulator to develop the attitude control systems (ACS) for the following satellites:
  • CHIPSat
  • FedSat
  • MOST
  • NEOSSat

And as a support tool for numerous MicroWheel programs.


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